Obama Shows Exceptional Arrogance at Paris Climate Conference, Ignores Speech Time Limit

December 1, 2015 4:50 pmViews: 1321

Obama Paris Climate Change

When President Obama gave his opening statement or vision of a clean world, or whatever he was supposed to do just like the rest of the world leaders at the Paris Climate Conference, it was supposed to be just 3 minutes long and it turned out to be a whopping 14 minutes long. He was repeatedly warned by an audible triple beep multiple times that he had gone over his limit. However, he completely and arrogantly ignored the beeper and kept on flapping his jaws simply because he thinks he is the most important person in the entire auditorium.

If each of the 147 world leaders speaking at the Paris conference had talked as long as Obama did, 34 hours would have elapsed, but he did not care that he took someone else's time, because he thinks he is more important that everyone else.

This just shows Obama's utter contempt for rules that govern society, from everything to the Constitution to turning over subpoenaed materials and emails, to simple rules such as this, Obama arrogantly thinks the rules do not apply to him. Watch the video below and see what we mean…

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