Obama Spoke For 65 Minutes During The State of The Union Address And THIS Happened In America

January 28, 2014 11:55 pmViews: 2436

As usual, we had a State of The Union address from President Obama that was completely devoid of substance, but instead relied on anecdotes that sometimes turn out to be less than honest.

We had a lot of stories, but very little on issues that are plaguing our nation like the national debt, spending, the Keystone pipeline (funny how Obama covered energy independence, but not a word on this project that would help immensely), and of course plenty of lies about how Obamacare is helping people even though 2 million more people have actually lost coverage because of the ACA than have signed up for it.

The graphic below explains all you need to know about the real problems in America that Obama refused to address:

State of the Union what happened

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