Obama State of The Union Address 2015 – Filled With Lies?

January 19, 2015 2:34 pmViews: 315

Obama's State of the union lies-2015

Obama has another state of the union show coming up on Tuesday night and besides speaking his name, do you think Obama is going to say anything that isn't a flat out lie? Is there anything this guy can say that will make you believe him or actually trust him?

Well, there may be one thing he isn't going to lie about, he is supposed to ask for taxes to be raised on millionaires. Is this a new concept? Has he not tried that BS approach for the last 6 years of his divisive presidency? Obama has been dividing the country for 6 years now, flying around the nation with the line, gotta make everyone, "pay their fair share". What the hell does that even mean anyway?

As Obama addresses the new Republican congress and calls for, this is what he wants, $320 billion in news taxes over 10 years, like he has any chance of getting that. But guess where he wants that money to come from? One, he wants it to come from a tax on investments (no government doesn't take the risk of investing, but they get part of your rewards), and secondly, Obama wants to eliminate the so-called tax break on inheritances.

Excuse me! The government has no right to tax inheritances in the first place. That money has already been taxed for a lifetime by the government anyway when the money was being earned by the people who worked for it, and now the government wants to get another crack at it once it gets passed on to another family member. How the hell is that fair? Why should Obama and the greedy government get more of the money that belongs to us so they can take even more lavish vacations and spend it on his proposal for free community college.

Seriously, free community college? No Barack, no liberals, "free" community college is not free!

Listen for a whole bunch of crap from our lousy commander in chief during Obama's State of the Union 2015 speech. Get ready to be bored to tears and lied to for a hour and a half on Tuesday night.

Watch the video below...

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