Obama Talks Climate Change in Alaska When The Greatest Danger Facing America Today Is Actually…

September 1, 2015 12:36 pmViews: 1069

Biggest threat today is Obama

So, President Obama is off to Alaska spending millions in taxpayer dollars to fly Air Force One at a cost of $220,000 an hour to operate and burning tens of thousands of gallons of jet fuel, to talk about climate change. While he gets to enjoy the natural beauty of Alaska, we are pretty sure he won't be talking about how much fuel he has burned and how many tons of carbon he is pumping into the atmosphere or the lavish meals he will be consuming, again, all at the expense of the America taxpayer.

And we are absolutely sure he won't talk about the biggest threat to America and the planet today which is, Barack Obama himself. Since President Obama wants to blab on and on about how climate change is the biggest threat we face in the world today and it is not ISIS cutting off people heads and killing Christians, or just radical Islam in general, or other rogue governments and nations such as North Korea or Iran, or the threat of ever increasing violence in our inner cities such as Chicago or the huge threat of terrorism at home here in America, it is pretty evident that Barack Obama himself is actually the biggest danger we face today in the world.

Seriously, with all the problems we face in America and all over the planet, Obama's ignorance in pushing forward the climate change agenda instead of facing off on some of the more pressing problems we have, shows that he is either just plain dumb, or that he has an agenda to bring the country down.

We will let you figure that one out...

Meanwhile, it looks like Obama is the winner on the biggest threat we face today.

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