Obama Used To Be Against Increasing The Debt Limit Before He Was For It

October 8, 2013 10:49 amViews: 2408

Obama used to be against increasing the debt ceiling

Now that Barack Obama is President he of course is for increasing the debt limit, but when he was a do nothing US Senator from Illinois he was opposed to George Bush raising the debt ceiling and increasing the national debt by $4 trillion in his 8 years in office. Interestingly, Obama increased the debt by $1 trillion more than Bush did in just half the time.

Just to help you remember how opposed our current occupant of the White House was to a debt ceiling increase and how irresponsible he thought it was of Bush to spend money that he didn't have, let's look at a couple of pieces of evidence that point to what a utter hypocrite Obama is.

And when you see Obama these next few days going into his blame game mode and whining about how bad Republicans are for not wanting to let him have even more money to spend, just remember Obama was against increasing the debt limit before he was for it.

Watch the video and see the pic of Obama's statement entered into the Congressional Record below. Don't expect to see any of this on the network news:

Yes, Obama even signed this one. Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Chris Matthews? Hello...
Obama Congressional record

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