Obama Wants Suporters To Replace Facebook Profile Pic With Gun Control Propaganda Sign

March 17, 2013 9:15 pmViews: 4252

Obama Facebook backgrond check

The propaganda arm of Obama's continuous campaign also known as Organizing For Action wants its supporters to replace their Facebook profile picture with the above sign (minus our Photoshop text) on gun control. The reason we call the supposedly "grassroots campaign" Organizing For Action a propaganda arm of Obama's never ending campaign is because if this organization was truly "grass roots" as Obama would have you believe, it would not have been started at the top, directly from the White House. Grassroots would infer that it actually started in a local community to anyone other than a lock step Obama follower.

The Organizing for America group is distributing the digital signs that read: "I am one of the 92 percent of Americans who support universal background checks" and says in an email to the faithful, "There's another simple thing you can do right now to show the overwhelming support for universal background checks: Take this sign and put it somewhere folks will see it -- in your window, on your desk, or maybe upload it as your Facebook profile picture."

The sign was made up by OFA after the Senate Judiciary Committee, in a straight party-line action, voted to expand federal background checks. We're not sure of the accuracy of the 92% of people that supposedly support these background checks, but many people probably don't know what Obama's idea of a universal background check means. There are already background checks for any handgun sold in America as long as it is not between private parties. What Obama's proposal would require would be to include everything covered by current checks plus adding the requirement for you to run a background check on any buyer of a firearm you are selling even if you sell it to your brother, neighbor or any other relative or anyone else as long as it is a private sale.

We are pretty sure most people would be against Universal Background Checks if they really understood what Universal meant.

What do you think?

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