Obama Whines: “I Just Want A Good Deal For American Workers”

September 2, 2014 10:44 amViews: 636

Obama Labor Day speech

President Obama was out in Milwaukee Wisconsin on Labor Day being as divisive as ever telling a crowd at the Laborfest gathering how unfair life is for the American worker.

Touting the same old tired lines of, "I want an economy where opportunity is open to everyone who's willing to work hard" and, "An economy where our workers have the chance to earn new skills that lead to that good job" and of course, "I want an economy where your hard work pays off with higher income" Obama riled up faithful progressives to plenty of hoops and hollers. But then he became completely unhinged and screamed, "I'm not asking for the moon, I just want a good deal for American workers."

Oh really, please tell us Mr President where American workers can't get a good deal if they look for it. And please tell us where people are working hard and being innovative and don't at least have the chance for opportunity. Our ever divisive and turmoil creating president seems to think we live in an economy where workers don't have, "the chance to earn new skills that lead to that good job." Really Mr Divisive, that's not the America I live in.

All this disaffected, partisan, radical talk by President Obama is nothing short of socialist rhetoric. None of those things Obama mentioned in his ridiculous and frankly, out of control speech are currently unavailable to anyone willing to seek out opportunity and higher wages, or maybe even their own business, if they are willing to work hard enough and be resourceful.

Obama's constant droning on how unfair America and evil corporations are to "the worker" do nothing but divide. Just listen to his words and the tone of his voice and the never ending whining about how bad things are for "hard working Americans." Obama has no intention of healing America, he never did. President Obama is nothing short of a destroyer.

Watch the video below...

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