Obama White House Forcing New Gun Buyers To Declare Race, Ethnicity

September 18, 2014 4:11 pmViews: 837

Obama ATF gun registration

There seems to be no end to the lengths to which certain elements within the United States government will go to limit and control the sale of firearms. It's no surprise that those with a limited understanding and/or appreciation for the Second Amendment of the Constitution (sometimes labelled “gun grabbers”) would like to ban outright the private ownership of guns in this country, but that has proven impractical – and, indeed, politically dangerous for anyone who has historically attempted it. The next best thing is registration, or requiring those wishing to buy a gun to submit their personal information to the government so that they can be identified and carefully watched for their decision to be armed.

As one might imagine, this isn't an enormously popular idea either. But that fact doesn't seem to be stopping the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – commonly known as the ATF – which during President Obama's reign in 2012 modified its Form 4473, a transactional record required by law to be filled out by gun buyers and sellers, to include questions concerning the buyer's race and ethnicity. Needless to say for so intrusive and outrageous a query, this has been done somewhat quietly and without much in the way of fanfare. But people have caught on nevertheless, and have demanded answers from the ATF and President Obama.

Critics say that this sneaky policy change provides little law enforcement value while creating the risk of privacy intrusions and racial profiling. Something we can bet the Obama administration would love to do.

It turns out the good bureau absolutely must know a gun buyer's racial and ethnic background in order to comply with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) standard, which was put in place during the Clinton administration. Asked why they are suddenly making changes to satisfy supposed requirements put in place nearly fifteen ago – and which were supposed to be fulfilled no later than eleven years ago, in 2003, according to the OMB – the ATF, of course, had no comment. Those with privacy concerns are unlikely to be reassured.

This requirement places an additional (and unnecessary) burden on sellers, too. Failing to fill out Form 4473 is classified as an ATF violation, a serious offense punishable by the closing of the dealer's business. Unfortunately, many gun buyers trying in good faith to comply with the form's demands are confused by the fact that it asks for both race and ethnicity, and some people answer only one of the questions; thinking the other superfluous. Gun dealers must be always on top of their game to catch such mistakes, lest they have their livelihood destroyed as a result.

This indefensible, unconscionable invasion of the privacy of law-abiding citizens can only be explained as yet another attempt to gather as much information as possible on those who choose to arm themselves, a group apparently viewed as inherently untrustworthy by the government that is supposed to represent them. Those who would see the 2nd Amendment ultimately torn asunder will truly stop at nothing including making it a federal offense for simply missing a check box on a piece of paper.

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