Obamacare Propaganda: Both People To Sign Up In Florida Democrat Operatives

October 21, 2013 6:12 pmViews: 1072

Yes, Obamacare sucks

Did anyone think we would be able to get the truth about Obamacare? Did anyone think Obamacare would be good for all Americans and fair to insurance companies as well? Did anyone think think the Obamacare website would work and not cost Americans over half a billion dollars to build? Did anyone actually think Barack Obama would not tell utter fabrications about his signature healthcare plan?

Unfortunately, none of those things are true and now that Obamacare has been implemented it has become a near impossible task to use the Healthcare.gov website as it was intended and have people sign up for government run healthcare insurance. But that is not the story the Obama administration wants you to hear. In fact, they have a new propaganda video out touting one individual's experience on how easy it supposedly is to sign up using the Obamacare website.

The only problem is, the person who signed up in the video is a Democrat party operative. Couldn't they at least find someone who is just a regular person looking for healthcare and not your typical Obama crony?

The only other person to sign up in Florida as of last week is also a Democrat operative as well.

Anyone here having a little problem with the truthfulness of just about everything that comes from Obama and company?

Read more on this story below from MediaTrackers.com and watch the propaganda video after that:

Florida media outlets have diligently attempted to identify anybody who has been able to access the federal government’s Affordable Care Act health exchanges and sign up for Obamacare insurance coverage. The Miami Herald this week claimed it “searched high and low” for such people, even posting notices on its website and in its printed newspaper inviting Obamacare enrollees to contact the Herald and tell their stories. Despite their efforts, the Herald could not identify a single person responding to its efforts.

The Orlando Sentinel is the only media outlet that has found a person who claims to have successfully obtained Obamacare insurance. The Sentinel reports that Valencia College student Daniel McNaughton claims to have obtained insurance on the exchange. A pro-Obamacare liberal advocacy group, Florida CHAIN, claims a second person, 24-year-old college student Vincent Mutia, also signed up for Obamacare on the federal government website.

In reporting on McNaughton, the Sentinel correctly identifies him as a Valencia College student. What the Sentinel either failed to discover, or decided not to mention, is that McNaughton is a former Democratic Party political operative.

On McNaughton’s LinkedIn page, he reports that he spent much of 2009 working in the office of former Florida Democratic state Sen. Dave Aronberg. Last November, Aronberg won an election on the Democratic Party ticket for Palm Beach County State Attorney. According to McNaughton’s LinkedIn page, he performed various tasks for Aronberg, including handling Aronberg’s correspondence.

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