Obamacare’s New Year’s Surprise: Millions Of Poor, Sick And Elderly Face Home Health Care Cuts

December 23, 2013 10:49 amViews: 1850

Obamacare cuts home health aides

With all the times liberal Democrats have accused Republicans of being heartless and taking food out of the mouths of children and pushing old grandmas off of a cliff and taking away their Social Security or Medicare or some other benefit that greedy conservatives just want to keep for the rich, President Obama and his minions have decided to deeply cut Medicare's funding for home health program.

This is the program that helps elderly people who are poor, ill and or homebound seniors get the care and the things done they need when they are either too sick or not able to care for themselves in a proper manner. And this has all been done by the Obama administration to help pay for the utter disaster Obamacare has and will become.

Obamacare is cutting 14% from the Medicare home health program and over the years through 2017 billions of dollars will be funneled away from home healthcare and into Obamacare.

Of course when Barack Obama was campaigning around the country telling you how heartless Republicans were, he didn't tell you this little secret was in the Affordable Care Act that he just implemented over this past Thanksgiving holiday.

This is just one little provision that will affect millions of seniors, but you can bet that you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait till Obamacancer gets fully implemented and all the other little surprises come out.

Read more below on this startling development from AMAC:

As if ObamaCare’s botched website, coverage cancellations, and higher costs were not bad enough, the Obama Administration has quietly dealt yet another blow – this time striking millions of the nation’s most vulnerable seniors. Specifically, the Obama Administration has decided to deeply cut funding for the Medicare program’s home health benefit as a way to help pay for ObamaCare.

The Administration made this announcement very quietly, waiting to do so until the very end of the last Friday before Thanksgiving, perhaps thinking that most people would not be looking.

To be sure, the timing of the Administration’s quiet announcement did keep it out of sight – for a while. That ended on December 12th, however, when the Washington Examiner broke the story in an article headlined “ObamaCare forcing 14 percent cut in Medicare’s home health program.” FOX News and the Daily Caller have also picked up this story, so full attention is now being paid to this unprecedented cut – and the harm it will do to frail seniors across America.

As the Examiner’s Richard Pollock wrote, “An estimated 3.5 million poor and ill homebound senior citizens will wake up on New Year’s Day to discover ObamaCare has slashed funding for their home health care program.” He’s right: on January 1st, the Obama Administration will sharply cut Medicare funding for home healthcare services.

Totaling a whopping 14 percent between 2014 and 2017, this cut is the maximum allowable under the ObamaCare law. The Administration had the discretion to cut less, or even to make no cuts at all. But they decided to impose the deepest cut made possible by the Affordable Care Act (shouldn’t we be calling this the “Horrible Care Act”?) legislation. And in doing so, they will shift billions of dollars from Medicare to ObamaCare.

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