OBAMACRASH: First Day Of Obamacare Sign Up, Websites Crash

October 1, 2013 11:24 amViews: 999

On the first full day of signup for the what will soon be a disastrous Obamacare healthcare program, many of the individual state websites for signing up for the program are down, not ready, or may have already been hacked, including Healthcare.gov. Isn't that par for the course from our government?

Today is the day Obamacare is supposed to roll out full force and people should be able to sign up and get their coverage on various state websites or through the federal government's main Obamacare hub, Healthcare.gov, but many people can't get the process started.

With the ongoing fight in Congress over Obama's signature legislation and funding for it, the president tweeted the rather embarrassing statement below about the "Affordable Care Act is moving forward" and one Twitter user retorted, "no need to shut it down, The Obamacare health insurance exchange websites don’t work."

Obama Obamacare Tweet

And all across the country as people were trying to sign up for Obamacare some were running into more frustration as they would try to log in to an account they had already signed up for and they were told by the system "no such user exists", but when they went to re-signup the systems told them, "that user already exists."

This is most certainly going to be an interesting ride. I wonder if Obamacare is going to be as much of a pathetic disaster as Obama the President. Check out some of the screen grabs of various Obamacare system errors from across the country below:

Sorry, you don't exist:

Chat at Healthcare.gov

Oregon exchange website is down:

Oregon website down

The Healthcare.gov system is down:

The Healthcare.gov system is down

Even when the Healthcare.gov site is up, you can create an account. What a joke:

Can't create account

And this is just day one. Wait till someone like a foreign internet cyber-terrorist group hacks the system. Good luck with this mess.

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