Obama’s ‘Army Of Fellows’ Propaganda Machine Will Push Obamacare Over Summer (VIDEO)

June 17, 2013 12:16 pmViews: 3185

Obama Army of Fellows

I can't say that I've ever seen such a push from any sitting President of the United States to promote his agenda as we have seen with Barack Obama. With a willing media and now an army of some 800 O'bot zombies or "Army Of Fellows", Obamacare will be pushed on the American public with commercials and these fellows to "educate" us citizens on the befits of of the President's signature healthcare legislation.

Honestly, this is down right creepy. President Obama got his scam of a healthcare law passed at the last minute by some kind of sneaky deal with Chief Justice John Roberts so it is now the law of the land. What does he need an "Army of Fellows" to "extoll the virtues" of this ridiculous piece of legislation now for?

By the way, this propaganda push is coming from Obama's Organizing For Action 501c4 organization, the same kind of an organization targeted by the IRS because they were conservative and supposedly too political. I don't suppose what Obama is doing with Organizing For Action and a group of little storm troopers is political, do you think?

Read more below from TheHill.com and watch the first propaganda commercial after that:

The political advocacy group born from President Obama’s re-election campaign debuted its first television advertisement Monday, a spot designed to highlight the benefits of President Obama’s signature health care law.

The 30-second campaign-style spot from Organizing for Action touts instances of Americans benefiting from aspects of the legislation, profiling a doctor who is treating more senior patients and a man who received a rebate from his insurer.

“Better coverage and lower costs, that’s what Obamacare means for them,” the ad’s narrator says.

OFA said that the ad would be coupled with an “education effort” undertaken by some 800 summer fellows who would extoll the virtues of the legislation as it moved to full implementation.

In a memo obtained by Politico, OFA executive director Jon Carson said the volunteers would play a crucial roll in the rollout of Obamacare.

Being equipped with this army of fellows will enhance our ability to engage with Americans across the country and educate them about the benefits of the new healthcare law,” Carson wrote.

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