Obama’s Hidden Past – Part 3

November 9, 2015 1:51 pmViews: 16616

Obama's hidden past

Barack Hussein Obama is a very dangerous man, but America's voters may be equally dangerous because despite all we knew about this man, no one of any consequence asked the deep probing questions that would have revealed much, much more. And as a whole, American voters had the utter audacity to overlook everything he was about and STILL vote for the man.

Of course, we can also put a huge part of the blame for Obama becoming president on the criminally negligent, liberal media who never vetted this guy and completely ignored his past.bBut what is completely insane, is that the main stream media even ignored the things that we actually KNEW about Obama, even the things Obama wrote in his own books! As is evident on how incredibly biased our main stream media is today, current presidential candidate Ben Carson is getting way more scrutiny from the media on his alleged anger problem in high school and on a question about whether or not he was offered a scholarship at West Point, than Obama received from all of he main stream press corp on the entirety of his past.

The hard questions were never asked to Barack Hussein Obama and he got away without having to ever talk about any of the more serious allegations about who he was raised by, how he got into prestigious schools in Hawaii and Indonesia, how he paid for his college and on and on and on.

Watch the final segment of Bill Whittle's Obama's Hidden Past below for insights on these puzzling questions.

Watch Part 1 HERE |Watch Part 2 HERE | Watch part 3 below

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