Obama’s Partner In Peace Mahmoud Abbas “Refuses To Discuss” Recognizing Israel As A “Jewish State”

March 27, 2014 10:38 amViews: 247

Barack Hussein Obama Mahmoud Abbas

Barack Hussein Obama calls him his "partner in peace" in the generations old conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, but Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will have nothing to do with even recognizing Israel as a Jewish state in any agreement with that nation for peace.

Hold on just a minute, exactly how is Israel supposed to work with that kind of an attitude? The leaders of Israel are supposed to sit across the table from a man who was one the head of the PLO terrorist organization and make a "peace deal" with a man who won't even acknowledge that the people he supposedly wants peace with represent a legitimate country.

Not only is Obama not rebuking the Palestinian Authority leader for such nonsense, President Obama is insisting Israel adopt and accept that position, that they are not a state in the eyes for Palestinians.

If they can't even get to that step of a simple recognition of Israel as the Jewish state, what possible topics of peace could they be discussing.

Read more below from Israel Hayom:

Just a day after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated his refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the Arab League backed his rejectionism on Wednesday, declaring an "absolute rejection" of any recognition of a Jewish state.

"We hold Israel entirely responsible for the lack of progress in the peace process and continuing tension in the Middle East," said a communique issued at the end of a two-day Arab League summit in Kuwait. "We express our absolute and decisive rejection to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state."

Abbas -- who spoke at the start of the summit and declared that "the peace process is on the verge of collapse" -- met on Wednesday in Amman with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who interrupted a trip to Italy to fly to the Middle East to try to salvage the faltering Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

Kerry arrived in Jordan to ask Abbas to commit to an extension of the peace talks. Kerry and Abbas spoke for more than four hours over a working dinner in Amman that U.S. officials said was "constructive." No other details of the meeting were released.


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