OBSESSED: Harry Reid Spreading Baseless Claim The Koch Brothers Don’t Pay Corporate Taxes

April 2, 2014 3:27 pmViews: 757

Is Harry Reid crazy?

What can you say about Harry Reid and his absolute mental obsession with the Koch brothers? Despite the fact that these brothers have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to philanthropic causes like building a hospital in New York, the infantile Reid continues to vilify these two private individuals, all the while ignoring the Hollywood elites who have financed Obama's entire presidency and elections.

On Reid's Senate website his obsession is apparent with a section entitled, "THE FACTS ABOUT THE KOCH BROTHERS" which you can pretty much guarantee contains no real facts. They are simply delusions from a lunatic that if he were not the Senate Majority Leader, he would be sued out of existence for extreme defamation of character.

Reid latest claim is that the Koch brothers pay no corporate taxes which we won't even touch because it is nothing but a red herring straw man. The Koch brothers have done nothing illegal. They are not accused of any crime. They operate within the laws of the United States of America and they have donated hundreds of millions to charity paying far more than "their fair share."

What is approaching criminal behavior is Harry Reid using taxpayer money to attack private citizens of the United States. Reid is living proof that dementia is an ugly thing.

Read more below from The Weekly Standard:

Senate majority leader Harry Reid has a whole page on his official Senate.gov website devoted to revealing “THE FACTS ABOUT THE KOCH BROTHERS.” One of the alleged facts promoted on Reid’s website is that the Kochs do not pay any corporate taxes:

“They are known for bankrolling conservative, Libertarian and Tea Party causes and became poster boys for corporate tax reform last year when an Obama Administration official suggested Koch is organized as an S Corp. and so pays no corporate level taxes.”

The claim that the Koch brothers don’t pay corporate income taxes was first made by former White House official Austan Goolsbee, but Koch Industries lawyer Mark Holden disputed the accusation and raised the question of whether someone in the Obama administration illegally accessed the Kochs’ tax returns. Goolsbee’s comments led to a federal investigation–the results of which have never been released.

In October 2010, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that Goolsbee’s claim “was wrong.” But that hasn’t stopped the Senate majority leader from promoting the claim four years later.

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