Of Course, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Blames NRA, Not Deranged Gunman For Santa Monica Shooting

June 11, 2013 12:03 pmViews: 1117

Martin Bashir blames the NRA for Santa Monica

Is MSNBC even a legitimate news network any longer? With the daily rantings of Chris Matthews playing the race card every chance he gets and his man love for Obama, and Melissa Harris-Perry not having a clue when life actually begins and once again Martin Bashir towing the liberal line to almost always place blame for a mad man shooting rampage exactly where it does not belong, MSNBC repeatedly crosses the line from the appropriate to the insane.

This network, through Martin Bashir doing his finger pointing and blaming the NRA for the recent Santa Monica California shooting rampage is about a tragic decline into journalistic corruption as one can get. They have aligned themselves with the callous arrogance of one Pontius Pilate as they exclaim, "What is truth!" while they cold-bloodedly bury any semblance of forthrightness in their more than regular muckraking and blame shifting. Oh, and we can add Lawrence O'Donnell into the mix of clownish misfits from MSNBC with his challenging of Mitt Romney's son to a fist fight during the election.

But for this story of yet another fit of mindless violence, it is Martin Bashir who has gone full tilt off-the-reservation insane in his latest diatribe with quotes such as:

“But, aided by the lobbying powers of the NRA, Congress couldn’t do anything, and on Friday, John Zawahri (the shooter) walked around the streets of Santa Monica with 1,300 rounds of ammunition. It’s a miracle only six people died in Santa Monica – but don’t worry, so long as we do nothing to improve gun safety, the next mass killing is just around the corner.”

Bashir also made the outrageous claim that the real tragedy from the shootings in Santa Monica wasn’t the loss of life, but rather that Zawahri had so much ammunition on him with such asinine thinking as

“But even more staggering than this individual’s list of fatalities was what emerged when the local police chief briefed the media about Zawahri’s weaponry, thirteen hundred rounds. Even the police chief had to repeat herself because a civilian armed with that amount of ammunition was almost impossible to imagine.”

No Martin, if you had any clue about guns and ammo, having that much of it around is not all that uncommon and most certainly it is not a tragedy or a crime to own that much of it.

Watch Bashir's rantings below as you mourn the loss of journalistic integrity.

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