Paul Ryan Vs Joe Biden Vice Presidential Debate – How Many Gaffes From Biden?

October 10, 2012 3:54 pmViews: 138

This Thursday October 11 we will get to see Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan debate the current Vice President Joe Biden in what is a very anticipated contest because of the results of the Presidential Debate. With the way Romney easily took apart Barack Obama many are looking for the same thing to happen to Joe Biden. VP candidate Ryan may have a bit more difficult time with Biden than Romney did with Obama, but Ryan is well known for his command of the facts and figures of an issue, especial fiscal and budget issues, that can't easily be refuted.

But of course the biggest thing everyone will be anticipating is to see if Vice President Biden will utter one of his famous gaffes and make a complete ass of himself in front of 60 million people. He is notoriously gaffe prone, something that the main stream media almost completely ignores, and he sticks his foot in his mouth on an almost weekly basis.

While Biden should be much smoother that Obama was in his first debate against Romney, it will still be a contest of facts vs liberal hyperbole that can be spoken only to willing crowds as the President and VP Joe Biden make their campaign stops around the country, but has no chance of working America at large without the willing accomplices in the main stream media.

Just like Obama, Biden can't come out to the debate and expect to whip up the crowd with some rhetoric about the rich needing to pay their fair share, or shovel ready jobs or go out and try and blame George W Bush for Obama's failures. That will not work when he has took look at everybody in the country and say it and also actually defend it to Paul Ryan who will most certainly be hammering him with facts and figure that will probably make Biden's head spin.

I think we all expect to hear a gaffe or two from Biden in the Vice Presidential debate, but what we're all waiting for, is to see if the Vice President will make the gaffe of a lifetime and sink Obama's already failing campaign.

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