Paul Ryan Will Destroy Joe Biden In The Vice Presidential Debate For The Same Reason Obama Lost To Romney

October 8, 2012 12:59 pmViews: 241

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If you saw the first presidential debate like we did between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, and who didn't see it, you saw what an absolutely masterful job Romney did of destroying President Obama and the liberal agenda. And the same thing will happen when Paul Ryan debates Vice President Joe Biden this Thursday at Centre College in Danville Kentucky.

President Obama got absolutely trounced by Mitt Romney because Obama's policies are bankrupt and he can only spout his usual campaign rhetoric to an audience that will believe it. Why do you think he left the stage last Wednesday night with his tail between his legs and 2 days later he was out on the campaign trail calling Mitt Romney a liar and acting all confident and pompous again and why didn't he act like that in the debate?

It is because when he goes to his campaign stops there are people there that want to hear him and his empty suit slogans, but when he stands before a television audience of 60 million people and has someone across the stage who will refute his childish rhetoric with facts as he had happen to him in the first presidential debate with Romney, he knows he can't rile up the crowd with empty promises and foolish bumper sticker sound bites.

However, since Joe Biden is a bit more polished than Obama because of his years and experience in the Senate, but seriously gaffe prone, we may have a bit more of a spirited debate that the presidential one was. But the Vice President will be facing the same thing Obama was because he can go out to a prepped and willing to hear the liberal agenda crowd, who also completely overlooks his blundering and silly off the cuff remarks, but when he also has to stand before that television audience of 60 million people and doesn't have the media to defend him, he may still say stupid things, but he can't get away with it when tens of millions of people are watching him make a fool of himself.

It will be fun to watch Paul Ryan systematically dismantle Joe Biden and the liberal agenda and then watch Romney do the same thing to Obama again 5 days later on October 16th. Tune in and watch Biden get ripped to shreds by Paul Ryan on Thursday October 11th at 9:00 pm.

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itsjustme says:

great job! Let’s not get over confident just yet! Conservative values will always trounce liberal values, but the spin machines will be ready! Keep up the good work!

Yes, the spin machines are always working.