Payback: Texas State Senate Seat Wendy Davis Vacated Now Belongs To Pro-Life Tea Party Republican

November 7, 2014 7:38 amViews: 428

Loser Wendy Davis

Sometimes karma bites you like a shark and feeds you a heaping dose of irony. Not only did media darling Wendy Davis run a dirty campaign filled with lies about her opponent Greg Abbott she was backed by millions of dollars of contributions and a huge effort by big name democrats to get elected. And thankfully, Wendy Davis lost in a spectacular fashion.

But the real payback in all this is that the Texas State Senate seat Davis filled while spewing her fake feminist, pro baby killing rhetoric now belongs to a Tea Party pro-lifer.

Pro Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis' entire career, and all her rhetoric, just went down in flames. I guess the Tea Party isn't really dead, is it?

Read more below from NRO:

What is ultimately refreshing about Tuesday’s results in the Lone Star State is not simply that a bad candidate lost; rather, what lost were the extravagant efforts by national Democrats and a left-wing media complex to champion as the bold new face of their party a candidate who insisted that Texas was one Republican governor away from segregated water fountains and Hobby Lobby goon-squads policing women’s uteruses.

If Democrats want to peddle that shtick successfully, they should stick to San Francisco.

One last tidbit: Davis’s former Texas senate seat, which she gave up to run for governor? It now belongs to Republican Konni Burton. She is a tea-partier, and pro-life.

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