Photos From Mandela Memorial: Michelle Shoots Flames From Her Eyes As Barack Flirts With Danish PM

December 10, 2013 3:11 pmViews: 10604

Apparently Michelle keeps a close watch on her man, Mr President Barack himself.

In the photos below, it certainly doesn't look like Michelle Obama is any too happy that Barack is having a little too comfy of a conversation with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Then it gets even more touchy feely when Thorning-Schmidt takes a selfie with Obama and British PM David Cameron. And it appears that Michelle has had enough of the flirtfest and finally sits between the President and the Danish PM.

It doesn't look like Michelle wants Barack goin all Bill Clinton on her.

Check out the photos below:

A little harmless flirting, with disapproval from Mooch:

Obama flirting, Michelle Doesn't approve

Michelle and Barry must have had words:

Obama and Michelle not happy

Wait, do we have time for a selfie with a trio of world leaders?

Obama's flirt-selfie with Danish PM

MICHELLE: Am I going to have to sit between you two. Apparently so...

Michelle sitting between Barry and Danish PM

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