Photos of US Ambassador to Libya’s Body (GRAPHIC!)

September 12, 2012 11:52 amViews: 7636


Here are the photos of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens body that Islamic militants paraded through the streets of Benghazi Libya Tuesday evening. It has come to light in just the last few minutes just before this post went live that some of the photos here are actually of people trying to help the ambassador get medical attention to save his life. Unfortunately that did not happen in time.

Al Qaeda linked gunmen which were supposedly enraged by a film that insulted the prophet Mohammad attacked the US Embassy in Benghazi Libya late Tuesday and killed three embassy staff along with US Ambassador Christopher Stevens as they fled a consulate building. The ambassador and others were killed when the militants shot rockets or rocket propelled grenades at their vehicle.

President Obama has so far condemned the killing an "outrageous attack" and said that "we condemn these attacks in the strongest terms" ordered increased security at U.S. diplomatic posts worldwide.

Unfortunately, that isn't even as strong as a condemnation as President Obama gave Dinesh D'Souza's movie 2016: Obama's America when his campaign said "The facts show that '2016: Obama’s America' is nothing more than an insidious attempt to dishonestly smear the President by giving intellectual cover to the worst in subterranean conspiracy theories and false, partisan attacks"

Well, isn't that nice Mr President, we certainly know where your priorities are.

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yolanda aro says:

thank you for posting the pictures! god bless the ambassador and the navy seals who lost their lives this day 9-11-12 god be with their families at this time! gotta get Obama outta the w.h.!!!! put romney in to bring pride back to this great country !

Debra Vaughn says:

Don’t Give These “PIGS” anymore Printed Tax Payer Money,PERIOD!

not clueless says:

you are so right, and the ignorant , stupid fools who support this murdering jerk in the whitehouse deserve to not only not be able to vote again for this fool, buyt i hope they get the chance to suffer the hell that this man has wrought to the families of the murdered victims in Libya as well, then maybe they will get it, especially the women in this country who should have their vote taken away for supporting this ass, my apologie to the furry jack asses.

American citizen says:

What happened? When is O’Bama going to blame President Bush for not having the foresight to place extra protection at our embassies on 9-11?

Proud American says:

Obama’s sympathies lie with the Muslims, after all his father was a Muslim and as a child he attended a school for Muslims. As a presidential candidate he even refused to wear an American flag in his lapel and sat in Jerimiah Wright’s church listening to the ” not God Bless America, God D— America for 20 years. Who does he think that he’s fooling when he says that he missed those sermons?? He has continually been soft on the Muslims. His weak and misguided foreign policy has caused the unrest that we are now seeing. With Iran on the verge of producing a nuclear weapon, and an effective missile delivery system, our president has reduced our missile defense system from 5000 missiles, down to 1500. He has also said that he would like to reduce the number further to 300. This kind of lack of regard for the safety of the American people, and our country, has the potential to get a lot of our citizens killed. As Clint Eastwood said, “It’s time to let him go!”

dms says:

Why did Ambassador Stevens go to Benghazi in the night?? with no strong security since this place is known to be very dangerous with terrorist???

Dolligirl says:

God Bless you for putting this on facebook, the Liberal Media would never do this, it might shame Obma!!!

Conservitics says:

Nothing will shame Obama.

RBone says:

Edward …I wish we could …but as they grow in power …they will cause havic in the U.S. beyond our imagination …but they’re going to be here sooner or later anyway …so we might as well come home and prepare for that day …

Daryl Cherry says:

The USA should team with Israel IMMEDIATELY and nuke the hell out of Iran. All our soldiers everywhere should come home and defend the homeland from Mexico and we should, as a nation, eliminate any radical who pulls this kind of crap. Islamists can ALL stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I have nothing but contempt for you ALL. Close Gitmo now and leave all the dead bodies on the beach.

Polina Maire says:

This is right- the Gitmo detainees should have been exterminated a long time ago , instead they were released to commit more crimes and kill more Americans!!! Sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t done on purpose!

Roger Tafel says:

You seem to have a problem understanding the English language. Maybe a dictionary should be added to your collection before you go off on a partisan rant. What Obama’s campaign “said” about the stupid D’Souza movie is NOT as harsh as what the President said about the killings in Libya. You seem to also have a problem differentiating between a stupid Obama movie and the killing of Americans. “Is that baloney?” You bet!

I have no trouble with English and when I put this post up, the president’s response was wimpy compared to what he said about the D’Souza movie. While he may have since then come put with stronger language about the embassy attack, his first attempt at trying to be presidential as compared to what he said about the D’Souza movie was frankly, disgusting. He has harsher words for his opponents than he does from the people who are trying to destroy us.

SuzyQ says:

well said!

Conservitics says:

All I heard Obama say about the killings in Libya was, “it’s not my fault, it’s the fault of an amateur video seen by 15 people. Doesn’t matter that I was asked for help in these areas WEEKS before and denied it to them. Doesn’t matter that I went straight to bed knowing they were under attack. Doesn’t matter that I skipped all of my intelligence briefings the next day. Not my fault, not my fault. I’m still pretty. Look at me. Not my fault. Bush did it”. P.S, It wasn’t D’Souza’s movie that it was blamed on.

More information keeps coming out about the lax security at the embassy in Libya. Hopefully it will be a sore spot for voters as the election gets closer.

Chris Helf says:

Apparently we’re all supposed to stand down like like the Obama Complicit Media and give The Dear Leader a pass over this “bump in the road”. On 11/4 Benghazigate is barely is mentioned. Obama continues to give the big middle finger to inquiring Senators, stonewalling their attempts for information.

Human says:

These photos were taken after the attack, the men were trying to save him. see video lick to this.

Christian4Christ says:

Which is worse, insulting a dead prophet, or killing an innocent man? Which is the bigger sin, eating a bacon double cheese burger? or murder?
What id like to know is, where is the condemnation of these murders from the Muslim nations for the murder of these innocent men? no outcry for these men from you? if Obama bows any lower in apology to Islam, he might as well pull down zippers, and suck Muslim penis

As difficult as this is to say, and with no disrespect for the dead ambassador or his assistants and security…we need to leave Islam to it’s own devices. Like cockroach infestations, when these animals get out of control or threaten our health and safety, they need to be exterminated with great dispatch and not an OUNCE of remorse. They give up their right to be called human when they do this sort of thing. I do NOT believe that “moderate Islam” exists. Islam, as a “religion” (it’s a cult in my view) is not peaceful and is inherently evil. It must be scoured from the face of the Earth along with the animals that believe in it.

It’s truly time to reinvigorate out neutron bomb program and remove the Islamic scourge from the world. In three days, the neutrons are gone and all buildings are preserved. That would make me very happy.

BGR says:

The president is doing his job he is not the type of man to boast and brag about what is going to be done he is the type of man to report what has been done when the mission is complete so knock it off….

I beg to differ with you, I don’t think the president is doing his job. He apparently had advanced warning of this attack and did nothing about it. That doesn’t sound like a man that knows what he is doing.

Maria says:

The president is not one to boast and brag??????? Are you f’ing serious!!!! The oh so humble messiah that you make him out to be boasts and brags all the time how he has built and shaped the economy and the foreign policies. Yet look at where we are today America is on her knees sucking china for favors and apologizing for giving foreign countries freedom when we should have let them where and how they deserve to be

Proud American says:

Sorry, but Obama is an empty suit. He walks the walk, and talks the talk, but he is in way over his head. That is why he can’t respond to problems with his foreign policy. His foreign policy is not to find fault with what other countries do to our country, or our citizens. That way he doesn’t have to do anything. He does have time to fawn over some trashy “movie stars” while having No time to meet with the Israel Prime Minister. But that is true to form for Obama because he wouldn’t know how to answer the Prime Minister’s questions. So true to form for Obama, he avoids the problems….and spending over ten million tax payer dollars on personal vacations in three and a half years can buy a lot of “avoidance”. Wake up BGR and get a clue!!

God is an Amercan says:

Payback is a bitch. You muslims will soon see…..

Gadaffi says:

you nazi americans provoked it yourself. You asked for it, when

Home truth says:

Gadaffi – you are scum

Proud American says:

You stupid Nazi Gadaffi. None of us Americans even heard about that stupid movie until all this happened. The man that made this movie WAS FROM EGYPT and the funding for this movie came from his WIFE’S FAMILY WHO LIVES IN EGYPT. MORON!