Picture Of The Day: Al Gore’s Global Warming Hysteria Book On Sale for $1

January 6, 2014 1:45 pmViews: 956

Al Gore's book on sale for 1 dollar

While most of the Unites States is suffering under some of the most brutal cold to hit our nation in 100 years and 2 ships stuck in Antarctic ice in the summer, global warming fanatic Al Gore's book, An Inconvenient Truth is on sale in a bookstore somewhere for a measly one dollar as the picture above shows.

The entire continental United States recorded a 12.8 degree Fahrenheit average temperature for January 6, 2014 and millions are snowed in, covered with ice, have their schools closed, don't have to report for work today or can't get where they are going because of closed airports, rail lines and interstate highways.

Record low temperatures are being set across the nation today as this unusual cold sets in and if you want you can get a copy of Al Gore's hysteria book on global warming to get your fireplace or wood burning stove started for only $1.

Check out some of the global cooling photos below:

From Wisconsin:

Wisconsin storm

From New York:

Winter storm New York

From LaGuardia airport in New York:

Winter storm LaGuardia Airport

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