Piers Morgan Thinks Gay Is A “Race,” Calls Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Star A “Racist Bigot”

December 19, 2013 3:34 pmViews: 2297

Does Piers Morgan think GAY is a race?

In the left wing media's effort to promote their agenda, instead of focusing on what people actually say and getting to the heart of the matter, some pundits make more of an ass of themselves than they already are. Insert lefty British media darling Piers Morgan and his obsession with racism.

Apparently Mr Morgan doesn't know the difference between a race and a lifestyle as is evident in a Tweet he put out today commenting on Duck Dynasty start Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuals and his subsequent firing from the wildly popular A&E show.

Morgan said in his Tweet, "Calm down everyone, I'm merely exercising my 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights to say Phil Robertson is a racist bigot."

See Morgan's Tweet below:


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