Piers Morgan Uses Shooting Death of Chris Lane By Black Teens To Push For Gun Control

August 21, 2013 9:05 pmViews: 2869

Piers Morgan gun control

The intellectually dishonest anti-gun lobby is out in full force now after the senseless shooting of Australian baseball player and college student Chris Lane. Never one to miss an opportunity to completely misunderstand the United States Constitution and insert his food in his mouth, CNN's Piers Morgan is once again calling for more gun control.

Unfortunately Morgan is so inept in coming to grips with what our Constitution means and how laws actually work in this country, he thinks we can simply outlaw guns and all the killing will stop. Well, why don't we just make it illegal to kill people. Oh wait...isn't murder already illegal? One wonders if Piers Morgan has ever heard of one of those laws? And how is that working? Maybe we need to make murder laws more restrictive and then the killing world stop.

Sadly, instead of Morgan focusing on the possible racial overtones of a killing such as this (as he did in the Trayvon Martin case), he conveniently glosses that over and somehow places the blame on guns instead of the mindless evil and thuggish behavior of 3 sociopathic teens.

Read more on this story below from Red Alert:

Notorious CNN host Piers Morgan has found yet another crime to blame on the gun lobby, capitalizing on the death of a 23-year-old Australian baseball player killed by “bored” teens.

During his show “Piers Morgan Live” on Tuesday, the host spoke with Ahron Young, Sky News Melbourne’s bureau chief, and former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer on Christopher Lane’s senseless killing. According to several reports, the baseball player was targeted by a group of teens who simply wanted to kill someone. Morgan, though, used Lane’s death to push his anti-gun rhetoric, discussing with his guests how America’s lax gun laws led to the Australian’s murder.

“We’ve all heard about gun violence in America but this really brought it home to us here, right across the country,” Young told Morgan. “…No one can understand how this happened to one of ours.” [...]

“I’ve had this debate countless times on this show in the last two years and I keep being assured by the gun rights people that the only way to deal with gun violence is for more people to be armed and more guns to be in circulation,” Morgan said. “Obviously Australia went a completely diff direction and took away guns.”

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