Pink Obama Groupie Cinnamon Thinks Mitt Romney Is A Communist and Socialist

October 21, 2012 5:46 pmViews: 226

In my days going to rock concerts in years gone past there were groupies that would travel around and go to see certain bands wherever were preforming. Apparently, if you didn't know it, there are also Obama groupies as well and unfortunately they don't seem to be all that well informed. Mitt Romney has been called a lot of things, but he probably has never been called a Communist or a Socialist, at least until recently by Obama super supporter and groupie that goes simply by the name Cinnamon.

Cinnamon all decked out in pink, including pink hair and has seen President Obama 6 times, has was interviewed by MRCTV a couple of days ago at an Obama rally and had this to say about Mitt Romney,

“Mitt Romney, I believe, is a socialist, a communist and — that’s my personal belief. I believe that he would like to serve China’s purposes, and work for China. And we don’t need trillions of dollars of debt to China again, you know...”

Okay, pretty pink deck out Cinnamon much be quite unaware to Obama's ties to card carrying Communist Frank Marchall Davis who was a mentor of his, radical Van Jones, Socialist Bill Ayers and a whole host of others steering President Obama towards radically unAmerican ideals.

Watch the video below to get a real flavor of a serious Obama groupie just to see what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, as well as the rest of America are facing in Election 2012.

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