POLL: Majority Of Americans Say Obama No Longer Deserves His Nobel Peace Prize

October 12, 2014 3:12 pmViews: 283

Obama Nobel Peace Prize

In 2009, in a decision that shocked many and stirred considerable controversy at the time, President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, arguably one of the most prestigious awards a person can receive. In light of the fact that Obama was a fresh, new president when this occurred with virtually no experience yet on the world stage and only a limited background in politics at all, many questioned the rationale behind his receipt of the honor and wondered whether he truly had done – or, indeed, had even had time to do – anything to deserve it. Today, some five years later, the question remains just as pointed and just as pressing on people's minds.

In a recent survey of 1000 adults conducted by Rasmussen Reports on October 6-7, 2014, 55% of adults stated that they believe Obama did not, and still does not, deserve the award. Further, 54% were suspicious of the process of choosing the award's recipients, and said that politics plays a major role in deciding who gets the nod.

Unsurprisingly, the controversy breaks down along party lines somewhat neatly, with a strong 89% of Republicans saying that Obama does not deserve the prize. What's worth an arched eyebrow or two, however, is the fact that a full 61% of unaffiliated adults feel the same way. And while Obama's receipt of the Nobel Prize is supported by a majority of Democrats, only 56% of those polled say he deserves it, a decidedly weak number compared to the 89% of Republicans who disagree.

It's also interesting to note that, in 2009, when Obama first received his prize, people's belief that politics played a major role in choosing recipients climbed appreciably. While just a year earlier, in 2008, some 40% held this belief, the following year – and Obama's winning of the prize – saw the number climb into the steady 50's.

It is in no way shocking that Americans question the validity of Barack Obama receiving this prestigious award. The Nobel Peace Prize has traditionally been reserved for people who have made monumental contributions to the cause of human peace and prosperity at the time they receive the award. Obama in 2009 had barely done anything; in fact, the most noteworthy thing about the man – that he was the first president in US history who happened to be African-American – was not even his personal accomplishment. If the Nobel Peace Prize is to be doled out for cases of “right ethnicity, right time”, then it truly has lost all cause to be coveted by anyone.

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