PRAYER WORKS! Greta Van Susteren Has Good News

April 17, 2015 7:36 amViews: 3726

Greta Van Sustren husband surgery

Just few days after many people were asked to pray for Fox News' Greta Van Susteren and he husband, especially her husband, her husband came through his major heart surgery with flying colors. Read some of what what she wrote, thanking her viewers and all those praying, recently on her Facebook page:

Just an update …and of course a thank you…a big thank you. (and make sure you read the PS I just added.)
Many of you have been very kind sending me notes and also explaining to me what to expect with my husband’s heart surgery. The information has been very helpful. The doctors explain it all from one point of view, the medical one, but I needed to know the patient/family side so your notes have been very helpful. The information has probably been more helpful than you can imagine. And the kind words from you? They made all the difference in the world…so thank you.

My husband had his surgery early (very early!) yesterday — bypass, valve and a few other things — and already he is up and walking around in the hospital. Heart surgery is absolutely amazing!

I spent the night in his room of course (it is good to be short so I can sleep easily in the chairs!) and he had a good night. I am taking a few hours off from the hospital to do OTR tonight. Other family will be with him while I am gone for a few hours (not that it is needed as he is doing well but I like to have a family advocate at all times) – and I will return to the hospital after tonight’s show.

So…to all of you who have asked, things are on target and I am thrilled.

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