Predictable: Liberals Play Race Card After CMA Awards Mock Obamacare

November 7, 2013 12:24 pmViews: 2263

Are the CMA Awards racist?

Ho-hum, could liberals be more predictable? Because they can't defend President Obama's disaster of a healthcare plan on principle, liberals have to go after a funny skit at the Country Music Association Awards this week that mocked Obamacare with their usual race card agenda.

Never mind that the skit and song by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, which you can see here, never mentioned the president by name, never mentioned anything about the actual workings of Obamacare, but simply mocked how utterly difficult it has been for individuals to sign up on, liberals somehow think that is now racist. If this isn't a cult like atmosphere that Barack Obama is creating in our nation, I don't know what is. Even the innocent act of criticizing an obvious disaster by government bureaucrats, that has absolutely zero to do with race, get charges of racism leveled at you.

The tweets below are the reaction of low information voters that obviously can't tell the difference between satire and real racism. It looks to me that their tweets calling out, "white rich people", "stereotypical republican propaganda the rich white folk are making",  "their republican/racist tendencies" and "everybody hates black people" are one heck of a lot more racist than the actual video itself that never mentioned one word about race at all.

Read some of the ever predictable tweets below. I wonder when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will pipe in on this one?

CMA Twitter racist nonsense

More CMA Twitter Nonsense

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