President Obama Wins Election Against Romney But Still Faces Benghazi Libya Questions

November 7, 2012 5:40 pmViews: 160

Okay, President Obama won this election because the main stream media and apparently more than 50% of people that voted don't care that the man is a liar. Obama said that he wants to bring the country together like he said he wanted to 4 years ago, but obviously didn't do, but he is still facing the serious issue of what happened in Benghazi Libya. Whatever happened to all that hope and change?

We do have to ask, what would have been Obama's chance of re-election if the media had been doing their job? What would the American people have thought if Romney would not have been falsely corrected by Candy Crowley in debate number 2? And then what would have happened if CBS' 60 Minutes and Steve Croft would have shown the tape of Obama refusing to call the Benghazi Libya attack terrorism the day after his speech in the Rose Garden when he falsely claimed in the second debate he did call it terrorism?

What if the media would have let us know about the emails, yes, the official e-mails for anyone to read, proving the Pentagon, State Department and White House all knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack 2 hours after it was over? What if the media had told us that there really was no protest outside the consulate before the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 others? What if David Gregory would have not completely shut down discussions about Libya on Meet the Press just 9 days before the election? These are all things that would have had a huge impact on the mindset of the country and what people thought about Obama, but the media remained completely silent about.

There are so many questions here that President Obama still has to answer about this debacle that I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the media actually conspired with the President to make sure the truth of the Libya consulate to not get out.

It isn't over folks. The President has to answer serious question about what went on with Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith in Libya and the lies Obama and his cronies have told may just very well bring down his entire Presidency.

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Geta Gripp says:

Nothing will happen. No investigation, no accountability. The America the liberals have engineered doesn’t care. The Republic is dead.

Karen Cross says:

Yes, he is going to get away with this. Just like Eric Holder is gettng away with Fast and Furious……. Nobody in this country cares except a few.