Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley Claims THIS Weather Condition Created ISIS

July 21, 2015 3:51 pmViews: 193

Martin O'Malley ISIS

It seems like liberals can say just about anything when it comes to promoting climate change and no one in the media will call them out. In an interview on Bloomberg News just a few days ago, presidential candidate Martin O'Malley claimed that ISIS was created by poor economic conditions resulting from poverty which of course resulted from, you guessed it, climate change.

The levels of absurdity liberals will go to to push their agenda or just get a few minutes of media attention is frankly, disturbing. Politicians like O'Malley know this nonsense is a lie, but instead of telling the truth, that ISIS and radical Islam want to destroy the western way of life and enslave everyone to their 7th century ideology, O'Malley has to spread his agenda as well.

Shame on these politicians who would rather spread lies for a few votes instead of dealing with the reality of the enemies we are facing.

Watch the video below to listen to what O'Malley had to say...

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