Presidential Debate 2012 – Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama – Why Obama Will Lose Debate 2

October 14, 2012 10:23 pmViews: 88

As the second Presidential debate of election 2012 closes in, I'm having a hard time understanding President Barack Obama, his very poor debate performance and what he did the next day that which will probably assure another trouncing in the second Presidential Debate 2012 in Hempstead New York on Tuesday October 16.

In the first debate, Mitt Romney scolded Obama for campaigning for 4 years and showing no leadership, for neglecting the Libyan embassy debacle and for making excuses for Christopher Stevens death, for Obama's fake jobs record, for bringing the economy to the edge of economic collapse and for completely misrepresenting Romney's policies. Obama could do little more than just stand there and hardly defend himself because he knows deep down that everything Romney said was true. I don't think President Obama really believes in his own policies.

What I don't understand, is that Obama goes out right after the debate and doubles down on his campaign rhetoric and repeats the exact same things Romney just scolded him for the previous evening. He sounds very confident when he is campaigning and talking to crowds who want to hear his liberal agenda and rhetoric, but when he tries to defend that same talk in a debate with a mixed audience, it doesn't ring true because not only does he have someone who can refute everything he is saying right across the aisle or table, he also doesn't have crowds whipped up and hanging on his every word holding signs and cheering him on.

Obviously, Mitt Romney wants to cut the size of government and of course that means giving government less money so they can spend less. How else are we supposed to reduce our $16 trillion debt? So what Obama does is then take that reality and he turns it into well, if Romney wants to cut government spending that must mean he wants to cut lunches to children, Medicare to seniors, student loans to college kids, no more funding for Big Bird and PBS and Obama does that to just tick off as many people as he can. He can take that and pick any government program he wants and say that Romney wants to cut funding for it.

That's how Obama can run all those ads that are complete baloney saying that Romney doesn't care about anyone and just wants to take everything away from everyone. Are we ever going to cut government at all? Are we ever going to get our debt under control? Or are we going to simply bleed government, which is really the people, the citizens of the United States, are we going to bleed them dry until there really is no more money or are we going to try and do something about it and fix a terribly broken system. What no one wants to talk about is how there will be some difficult times if we are ever going to get reckless government spending under control.

Those are the very reasons President Obama will get trounced again by Mitt Romney in debate number 2 because what Obama says is so far from reality that no one outside his inner circle of voters and faithful followers actually believes it. Tuesday's debate format will be a bit different since it is a town hall style and the moderator probably can't gang up on Romney like Joe Biden and Martha Raddatz did on Paul Ryan, but none the less, Obama simply can't defend his polices so that will make it an interesting evening.

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