Presidential Debate 2012 – Obama Campaign Starts Spin For Failure Vs Romney

September 26, 2012 3:00 pmViews: 97

You have to wonder what's going on with the Obama campaign's expectation of the upcoming Presidential Debates 2012 with Mitt Romney? The first debate featuring President Obama against Mitt Romney is scheduled for Wednesday October 3, 2012 and Obama's spin machine is already in full force with some curious statements.

A case in point is from an ABC News article that says Obama is heading to Las Vegas to prep for the debate for 3 days while getting in a few campaign stops in the process. But what is significant is that the campaign has put out this curious statement to ABC News from spokeswoman Jen Psaki implying that the President may not be all that prepared for these debates and we should not expect much from him. The statement says:

“The President will have a little bit of time to review and practice before the debates, but he has had to balance the management of world events, governing, time out campaigning and will have less time than we anticipated to sharpen and cut down his tendency to give long, substantive answers.”

What are they expecting from Obama here? And this comes from a guy who can golf, and vacation, and attend Jay-Z and Beyonce fundraisers whenever he wants? His campaign says he's too busy to study for a debate because of the management of world events, you mean like not meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu?

And then this comes from quoting an email that came from the Obama campaign which says:

"Presidential challengers benefit just by being on the same stage as the incumbent. That’s one of the reasons why five out of the last six presidential challengers were judged to have won the first debate."

Can we even take this seriously? That's amazing that the Obama Campaign and apparently President Obama himself, because he has to know what the campaign is putting out, thinks so highly of himself that they're saying Mitt Romney is going to get a bump in the polls just because he's on the same stage as the President of the United States.

What arrogance! So are we going to see the president get shredded to pieces in these debates by Romney? One has to wonder how the campaign will spin a loss here. Mitt is pretty stiff and at times comes across as less than genuine, but he does have a good command of the facts and when he's in his element he can do serious some debating. And although Obama is great at giving speeches and his oratory skills are exemplary, he lies like no president in history and without a scripted teleprompter debate speech we could be in for some gaffes on par with Vice President Joe Biden.

It certainly will be interesting to see the debates now with this little bit of extra added spin from the Obama campaign trying to lower expectations. It could be quite fun.

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Restore America !! says:

So now Obama is getting ready for his second debate. Do you think that it is just a coincidence that the narrator for the debate is a long time acquaintance of Obama??
What are the chances our lack-luster president and his cronies will have a few “plants” in the crowd with their “own” questions??? Just saying……

I don’t think Obama will do all that well in debate number 2 because he isn’t as confident in his rhetoric as Joe Biden is. After seeing Obama do so bad in debate 1, I ‘m not sure he really believes in all his foolish talk.