Pro-Abort Democrat Wendy Davis Donated $515 Of Her $235k Income To Charity, Believes In Income Redistribution

December 7, 2013 9:25 pmViews: 1482

Pro-abortion Wendy Davis from Texas

The pro-abortion Barbie darling of the left, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis made a very nice income in 2011 of $235,428, but only gave a measly $515 of that to charity. And nearly the same goes for her income and charitable contributions for 2012. Last year David brought in a whopping $284,183 in income, but again she gave a scant $950 to charity.

It never ceases to amaze us that while liberals like Davis are all for taxing us to smithereens to pay for contraceptives, abortions, free medical care, food stamps and a host of other government programs, in their own personal lives with their own personal income, they don't even come close to making contributions enough to support charities that would actually feed and clothe the poor.

Apparently they think that's all up to government to take it by force from you. Nothing like a cheerful giver, right.

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The Democrats’ big abort-happy hope (Wendy Davis) to capture the Texas governorship just released her taxes, and despite her wanting to take your money and give it to anyone who signs up to welfare, she didn’t give much herself.

In 2011, she earned $235,428, but gave a paltry $515 to charity. That’s less than one percent of her income, in fact, it barely scratches one-fifth of one percent.

Democrats are so charitable! Not with their own money, but with yours, of course.

2012 wasn’t much better, even though her income jumped to $284,183. That year, she gave just $950 in contributions to charity, This works out to a very generous three-tenths of one percent!

Amazing how hypocritical they are about your earned money, isn’t it?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with anyone giving whatever amount of money to charity that they wish – it’s their choice to order their own budget according to their conscience. But Democrats who whine that America is heartless and redistribute money from earners are ridiculously hypocritical. Especially when they earn as much as Davis and yet give so little.

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