Pure Lunacy: Nancy Pelosi Completely Dumbfounded Trying To Explain Her Prior Statements About Obamacare

November 18, 2013 11:15 amViews: 4522

Nancy Pelosi hears voices

In the video below you will see Nancy Pelosi being interviewed by David Gregory on Meet The Press Sunday morning. In being questioned about her prior statements on Obamacare and people being able to keep their plans as she and Obama promised, Ms Pelosi is wholly unable to form a coherent response and can't even finish many of her sentences.

It would be pretty funny if it were not for the fact that this woman is Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and was once the Speaker of the House.

You would think that If the people who voted her into office multiple times could see this video they would never send this crazy person back to Washington DC. But astoundingly, they will.

Watch the video below:

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