Radio Host Joe Pags Goes Off On NSA Surveillance Program (VIDEO)

June 7, 2013 8:11 amViews: 3877

NSA monitoring

Radio host Joe Pags who sometimes substitutes for Glenn Beck has come out with an epic rant against the large scale NSA surveillance of phone calls and internet activity. He, like all Americans should be, is not at all happy with what the NSA has been doing for years and has since gone further in collecting data with the recently revealed court order to monitor and store all phone call data from Verizon customers.

Pags especially takes exception at Rep Mike Rogers comment that the NSA monitoring was, “Within the last few years, this program was used to stop a terrorist attack in the United States.” Well isn't that nice as one Twitter user said, "Apparently the Boston bombers weren't on Verizon." So they supposedly thwarted one attack, but missed Boston, plus the underwear bomber, plus the Times Square bomber (thankfully that bomb was a dud), plus, even with all the restrictions on guns and ammo and with this NSA monitoring, they can't do anything about the insane violence in Chicago, or New York, or stop mass shootings in schools and theaters, or stop other domestic terrorists such as the Fort Hood shooter.

Pags goes on to say that, you know what, if we made everybody stop driving we would stop traffic accidents from killing people, and if we stopped people from putting glass in their windows we could save some lives there too. And if we took knives away from people, more lives would be saved as well. So what is it? Are we going to just monitor everyone and everything they do so we can supposedly thwart one terrorist attack? Do we give up all of our freedom, every bit of it, so we can be safer? You know, if we just had a police state, we would be a lot safer. Really, safer from who?

Watch Joe Pags video from his radio show below. His perspective is well worth 5 minutes of your life.

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