Raw Video: Protesters Against Morsi Ransack Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters

July 1, 2013 4:04 pmViews: 2267

Muslim Brotherhood headquarters attacked in Egypt

Protests against Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi continued Monday in Tahrir Square and at the headquarters of his Muslim Brotherhood where their headquarters was ransacked. In the melee protesters stormed and gutted the Islamic group’s building after clashing overnight with Morsi supporters.

While the protestors were for the most part left alone to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, there is no doubt the MB will take out reprisals on the protestors in general. In fact, the mob has in effect has made the first move in a civil clash that could eventually lead to civil war. While it may have been an act of utter defiance towards a corrupt, murderous and what some see as a oppressive Islamic government, Morsi and his minions will not take this act lightly.

The Egyptian military has said they will move in in less than 48 hours and "restore order" the "the demands of the people" are not met. We are probably just seeing the beginnings of what could turn out to be a violent clash.

Watch the video below of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters being ransacked:

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