Really in the News: MSNBC Host Nailed by the IRS for Not Paying Her ‘Fair Share’ in Taxes

April 19, 2015 3:46 pmViews: 523

Melissa Harris-Perry tax lien

Sometimes fair and balanced stories actually do make it into the news. The uber-liberal MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband James were hit with a $70,000 tax lien by the Internal Revenue Service in Forsyth County, North Carolina in early April.

Harris-Perry sent a letter to the The Winston-Salem Journal claiming she was no aware of the tax lien, but she did know about the debt, which is substantial by most standards. The total debt owed by Perry and her husband is slightly over $70,000, not an amount that can easily be taken care of.

In the letter, Harris-Perry added that her an her husband had paid off $21,721 of the debt when they filed their taxes this past Wednesday and have a payment plan in place for the remaining $48,581, which is for the tax period ending December 31, 2013.  While $70,000 is a substantial amount of money, Ms Harris also must have some substantial wealth besides being a tenured professor at a major university and a writer, she also hosts her own show on MSNBC and must be paid a substantial amount, so one has to ask the question...Why does she need to pay off the rest of the $$48,500 on a payment plan?

Harris Perry claims she and her husband have experienced a, "series of personal crises” over the past several years.

How interesting it is to see a tax loving liberal get nailed for not paying a hefty amount of taxes. What do you think?

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