Redskins Players Raise Hands To Show Support For Michael Brown During Preseason Game

August 19, 2014 12:01 pmViews: 107

Washington Redskins hands raised

Sometimes celebrities, or sports figures as in this case, make the most groan inducing gestures to show so-called support in the face of a national event. Some Washington Redskins players did just that during the pregame introductions for Monday Night Football's preseason game the other night when they raised their hands while coming onto the field.


How the phrase, "Hands up, Don't shoot" along with the gesture of raised hands has become the battle cry in support of Michael Brown is a bit of a mystery. Multiple autopsies have shown Brown did not have his hands up, nor was he shot in the back as the media and Al Sharpton would have you believe, nor did he say, "Don't shoot." Yet, this made up symbol of unity persists.

Funny how we are so manipulated, even by multi-million dollar athletes posing as authority figures.

Read more from Yahoo Sports:

During Monday night’s pregame introductions, several Washington Redskins players ran onto the field with their hands raised, a gesture of support for the town of Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson is currently engulfed in turmoil as the result of a police shooting on Aug. 9. On that date, Michael Brown was killed by police even after witnesses said he raised his arms and told police he was unarmed. As a result, arms raised in surrender have become a symbol of solidarity and protest in connection with the Ferguson story.

Several players entered Monday’s game with the Cleveland Browns with arms raised, and according to WNEW-FM, the idea originated with Washington safety Brandon Meriweather and cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

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