Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz Tweets Photo Of Fenceless Arizona Border With Mexico – Stairs And Handrails To Make It Easier To Cross

April 3, 2013 11:01 amViews: 5136

Jason Chaffetz Mexico Border Tweet

This could easily be one of those, 'what's wrong with this photo' memes, only it really isn't all that funny. President Obama likes to tell us through his puppet Press Secretary Jay Carney that our borders are now more secure than ever, but according to this photo below from Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz who was recently on the Arizona border with Mexico, that obviously is not the case.

Rep Chaffetz visited parts of the Mexico United States border yesterday near Yuma, Arizona and tweeted photos of what he found as you can see below. He found an area where there are stairs, a non existent fence and handrails to help people (illegal immigrants) cross the border. And interestingly he also found out the Border Patrol had apprehended 9 Romanians about 3 miles from where they were. That's Romanians crossing the US-Mexico border. Who else is coming across.

Check out Rep Jason Chaffetz Tweets below:

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