RINO Congressman Peter King Calls Rand Paul “Very Offensive” For Creating “Paranoia Among Americans”

January 6, 2014 8:34 pmViews: 224

Rep Peter King vs Rand Paul

It's too bad that the establishment wing of the Republican party is so blind they can't see the writing on the wall and they let RINOs like Congressman Peter King attack legislators that are actually trying to do something about the destructive state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Rep King, with his ability to miss the glaringly obvious point that establishment Republicans continue to lose their base (and of course 2 presidential elections in a row), took a pot shot at Senator Rand Paul because he appeals, "to the lowest common denominator" and King finds, "that very offensive."

King made his comments on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” during Monday mornings segment and you have to ask the question why would a self respecting defender of the Constitution (that's what Congressmen are supposed to do) even go on an MSNBC and show his mug on the most partisan and least watched cable network in existence today?

What King was basically saying was that Rand Paul's concern over the NSA spying scandals is creating "paranoia among Americans."

Honestly, I'm more concerned with Peter King being such a light weight ignorant Congressman than I am with whatever Rand Paul has to say.

Read more below from Politico:

Rep. Peter King took swings at fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Monday, saying he does not deserve to be in Congress and that he is stoking “paranoia” among Americans.

The New York Republican pointed to the debate over the National Security Agency’s surveillance, which King supports but Paul criticizes, as an example of why he believes the senator doesn’t belong in Congress.

“We can have honest differences about what [NSA’s] policies are, but what Rand Paul is creating is hysteria,” King said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday. “When Rand Paul is comparing [NSA Director] Gen. [James] Clapper to [leaker Edward] Snowden, saying Clapper belongs in jail with Snowden, talking about how all phone calls are being listened to, trying to create this paranoia among Americans that the NSA is spying on everyone, the fact is he has not been able to cite one abuse by the NSA.”

King said the Kentucky Republican “creates this illusion” of spying in an attempt to play off Americans’ fear in an “offensive” way.

“The same reason he was saying he was worried about the CIA using drones to kill Americans in Starbucks. He is playing on some sort of … fear mongering, isolationism,” King said. “Rather than using intelligent arguments, as people could well do, he is resorting to fear, he’s appealing to the lowest common denominator. And I find that very offensive.”

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