Sandra Fluke Speaks At Rally In Front of Huge Crowd Of 10 People

October 21, 2012 10:47 amViews: 113

Below is a video of media darling and women's right's activist Sandra Fluke speaking at what the main stream media is calling a rally. Unfortunately, this is hardly even a news story because only 10 people showed up. A lackluster showing to say the least is what any normal newspaper would call in but the Reno Gazette Journal website titled a 500 word article on Fluke's appearance as "Fluke Takes Center Stage in Reno.

There was no stage and she was not standing in the center of it. She was standing in front of a SUV with an Obama Biden banner on it and she was speaking to 10 people. Is anyone convinced yet that liberals are desperate?

Watch the video of the massive rally below:

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