SAY WHAT! – Even NBC’s Chuck Todd Is Fed Up With Obama For “Criminalizing Journalism”

May 22, 2013 6:21 pmViews: 6881

Chuck Todd Obama criminialize journalism

You know Obama is skating on very thin ice when his own lapdog media starts to turn on him, especially when they are from NBC. White House correspondent and Obama cheerleader Chuck Todd was being interviewed on Morning Joe with RINO Joe Scarborough and Joe sounded rather perturbed at what Obama Justice Department is doing going after AP reporter's phone records and now of all things, even Fox News phone lines are being tapped.

Not even RINO Joe himself could quite come to terms with the Justice Department tapping 5 phone lines going into Fox News' Washington bureau as Holder's Justice Department is accusing some journalists of espionage. And then Scarborough turned it over to NBC's Chuck Todd where he started to take apart Obama and say that if Bush had been doing something like this, "candidate Obama" would have been "unloading."

Here is a little of what Chuck Todd had to say below and then the video after that. This is quite fun watching the liberal media get their boxers all in a bunch when their own candidate in the White House threatens their way of life. Watch below:

"So they want to criminalize journalism. And that’s what it’s coming down, I mean, if you end up essentially criminalizing journalism or when it comes to reporting on the federal government, particularly on national security, and the only place they can, they think they technically can do that is on the issues of national security. What it’s going to do is the impact that we’ve heard, we heard the AP counsel say this over the weekend. It is going to make whistleblowers, and people that might leak, regular sources. You know, I’ve had different conversations with people over the last week who are sitting there not quite comfortable having certain conversations on the phone. I mean, it just completely, and maybe that’s the intent. I can’t think of any other intent of why they’re going about this in such a broad harassing sort of way."

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