See The $105,000 Champagne Tower At An Obama fundraiser Hosted By Jay-Z and Beyonce

September 19, 2012 8:44 pmViews: 141

We are constantly told by the main stream media and of course by the Obama administration itself that the President and First Lady Michelle Obama understand the working person and feel for the little guy, all this while they hobnob with rich celebrities any chance they get.

The latest display of ostentatious wealth and extravagance by President Obama was at a fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z at his 40/40 Club in Manhattan New York city that featured a champagne tower, pictured above, consisting of 350 bottles of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold at $300 each. The over the top champagne is know as the Ace Of Spades and the entire display or champagne tower as it is known was valued at $105,000.

While it is President Obama's usual campaign rally cry these days to constantly remind us that the wealthy aren't paying enough taxes and they should "pay their fair share" to help us out of this recession we're in, he seems to have no problem vacationing in some of the most expensive places on Earth or hanging out with very wealthy donors to his campaign that display such wasteful extravagance. He also has no problem using taxpayer dollars sending his wife and kids to Hawaii and Spain and having them stay in $2,500 a night hotels, or even renting out an entire hotel while visiting India while traveling on his 747 Air Force One at a cost of $181,000 an hour.

For all the time President Obama spends denigrating wealth and trying to convince the rest of the country we should vote for him one more time so he can take more money from the rich, when attending a $40,000 a plate fundraiser, wealth is perfectly fine. Of course the main stream media in the United States will never cover such wasteful extravagance by this president, we have to go to the UK to get real reporting on the president. The US media just reserves that kind of scrutiny for republicans and Mitt Romney. Some of us do see through the president's facade.

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