Senator Rand Paul Interrogates Hillary Clinton – “I Would Have Relieved You Of Your Post”

January 23, 2013 2:04 pmViews: 7474

Senator Rand Paul is not one to easily be shaken as it may have appeared Senator Ron Johnson was in questioning Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi Libya terrorist attack. Paul was not going to back down in asking Clinton the hard questions when it came to the lack of leadership which allowed 4 Americans, including a US Ambassador, to die at the hands of terrorists.

The crowning moment for Senator Paul came before he ever asked any questions and he gave Secretary Clinton a reprimand saying that, “Had I been president at the time, and I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi, you did not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post, I think it’s inexcusable.”

But of course when Paul got down to the meat of his questioning and asked Clinton about the gun running operation to Turkey by asking,

“It’s been in news reports that ships have been leaving from Libya and that that they may have weapons, and what I’d like to know is the annex that was closely, were they involved with procuring, buying, selling, obtaining weapons and were any of these weapons being transferred to other countries, any countries.”

Hillary Clinton acted as if she had never heard of such reports and played the fool stating she simply didn't know of such an operation. Good one Hillary, you've been the master at deflection and dishonesty since your philandering husband became president.

Watch the video below for the tough questioning:

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