Senator Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Defund The Disasterous Obamacare Law

July 13, 2013 4:19 pmViews: 4575

Ted Cruz says defund Obamacare

Almost everyone knows what a disaster Obamacare is going to be. Even the President probably knows it is, but if you know how government really operates, it isn't about actually helping people out, it is about grabbing as much control as possible. It is becoming rather obvious what President Obama thinks of his signature accomplishment especially with giving a multitude of waivers to businesses and now delaying the employee mandate until after election cycle 2014. Obama doesn't want business owners thinking about how badly their getting screwed so they might still vote for democrats for congressional seats.

Thankfully Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to defund Obamacare. Senator Cruz in a press release stated that, "this law is a colossal mistake."

I guess according to Nancy Pelosi they had to pass the bill to find that out? I think we knew it would be a colossal mistake all along.

Read more on the Defund Obamacare Act of 2012 introduce by Ted Cruz below from The Washington Examiner:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, along with 17 other Senate Republicans, has introduced the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013, which would fully defund Obamacare, in the wake of the recent string of bad news surrounding the law.

"The Administration's recent announcement to delay the onerous and unpopular employer mandate until after the 2014 election, coupled with its announcement to delay income and health status eligibility requirements in favor of an honor system for the most expensive entitlement for our generation, confirms what has been obvious from the start--this law is a colossal mistake," Cruz said in a press release.

Cruz is joined by Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., who introduced companion legislation in the House. Graves has introduced similar legislation before, in March of 2013, and also in the 111th and 112th congresses.

"We must seize the moment and permanently delay the entire law," Graves wrote in his own press release. "Congress can do this. We control the purse strings and can protect taxpayers from funding Obamacare. Businesses have their delay and the special interests have their waivers. Let's not leave working families or anyone else on the tracks for this train wreck."

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