Senator Ted Cruz Says Background Check Agenda Is To Have A ‘List Of Every Gun Owner In America’

April 12, 2013 8:07 amViews: 5876

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As the Senate has reached an agreement to override any filibuster attempt and bring a gun bill to the floor for a straight up vote, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has said that the real universal background check agenda of the federal government is to have a "list of every gun owner in America." When Vice President Joe Biden said, "This is just the beginning" talking about gun control recently, our money would be on what Senator Cruz believes vs Obama's or Biden's recent clamoring that, "there's nothing violating anyone's 2nd Amendment rights" in any of this current legislation. Not currently, but this is just the beginning, right?

Here is what Senator Cruz had to say on Hannity last night about the real reason for universal background checks:

"I think it's wrong that politicians try to take advantage of [victims'] suffering–not to actually fix the problem but instead to push the same anti-gun agenda they had before this tragedy...

"Why is all this focus directed at background checks? The reason is because the Department of Justice has said the only way to implement what they want–universal background checks–is a registry, a federal list of every gun owner in America. And that would be wrong; it'd be unconstitutional."

Watch the video below to see someone who is not afraid to go against the main stream media agenda:

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