Shirtless Jogger Wearing Horse Mask In Washington DC Caught on Tape By NBC News

October 29, 2012 6:08 pmViews: 531

In light of a very serious storm already pounding New Jersey right now, we have a video of a guy wearing a horse mask with no shirt on, no less, running down the sidewalk in Washington DC. The shirtless and horse masked jogger was caught on tape apparently as the local DC affiliate for NBC News was out on the street giving an update on hurricane Sandy.

It was quite and cold out and obviously rainy with the the Frankenstorm approaching as you can see by the reporter being in her rain gear and other people on the street all bundled up, but the fearless jogger in the horse mask with no shirt was not deterred at all by the weather.

It is hard to tell if the pre-Halloween revelry was planned because the mysterious jogger knew the TV station was there, but he seemed to be quite amused once he discovered he was being filmed. It's worth watching all the way through, the clip is only a minute long, and you will probably get quite a laugh out of it like we did.

It just a little lighthearted look t someone having a little fun before the big storm hits. Watch the video below and get a good laugh.

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