SHOCK: No One Signs Up For Obamacare In California

October 4, 2013 9:49 amViews: 1270

Obamacare California website down

There are big glitches in the Obamacare sign up system and more than 24 hours into the California exchange website being opened and through, no one had signed up in the left coast state. It was also reported that over 5 million people had visited the California website for Obamacare sign-ups as a possible issue for people having trouble getting on the site and signing up, but it was later learned that the site in question had only 500,000 visitors and not 5 million.

During an interview with a spokesperson for the exchange site she said a mistake in reporting the number of hit as possibly page views were reported as individual visitors. Many aren't buying that explanation as webmasters are keenly aware of the difference between specific visitors and page views. In reality, it looks as if they were simply lying to give a false impression as to how many people are actually interested in Obamacare.

We will let the big fat number of ZERO sign-ups in the first 24 hours speak for itself. (UPDATE: It appears as if there are a few sign ups in California as of right now)

Watch the video report below:

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