So It Begins – Does This Video Suggest Obama Wants A Third Term?

July 28, 2015 12:43 pmViews: 1508

Obama third term speech

On President Obama's waning days of his African trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, he made the rather audacious statement or indication that he thinks he is a "pretty good president", would like to run for a third term and if here did so, he thinks he could win. 

Unfortunately, Obama probably could win a third term as president because millions of people don't know how the Constitution works and are seriously stupid enough to vote for him, AGAIN even though his true, historical record with prove Obama to be a miserable failure and a liar!

What Obama said at a speech in Ethiopia is, "I've been a pretty good president, and if I ran [for a third term], I could win...but I can't do that...the law is the law."

And all we have to ask is, when has Barack Obama ever followed the law?

Watch the video below:

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