Socialist Bernie Sanders Runs For President – Why Bernie’s Socialism Will Never Work

June 1, 2015 4:26 pmViews: 1203

Socialist Bernie Sanders

Liberals love Bernie Sanders and they want him for president. They think his brand of socialism is going to help us all live in utopia!

Unfortunately, it will never work because socialism is an inherently bad system. Why, because man is ultimately corrupt. Giving government more control will result in more corruption, not less. The same corrupt people working in business will just be transferred to the public sector and vice-verse as is already happening.

How about another example? Jon Corzine is a democrat corruption master at his finest. First he ran Goldman Sachs, then he became a U.S. Senator, then he was governor of New Jersey, then he ran a hedge fund, then it went bankrupt and he got charged by the security and exchanges commission because he magically made $1.5 billion of investor money disappear, but because he is a democrat, he didn't go to jail.

Watch the video below for more reasons Socialist Bernie Sanders would make a terrible president.

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